Are you in pain? Do you have other health concerns?
Have you tried traditional treatment methods without full, lasting relief?
Are you thinking you may have no hope of feeling better?

Jodi Reyerson Physical Therapy may be your answer!

Jodi Reyerson Physical Therapy may be your answer!

You will quickly see that manual physical therapy is different than most treatments you’ve experienced.

At your first visit, we will discuss your symptoms, medical history, limitations, and therapy goals. You will receive a complete manual therapy evaluation. It will include hands-on tests for a variety of body systems, many that are rarely considered in typical evaluations. Your mobility, flexibility and postural balance as well as muscular, skeletal, lymphatic, organ, and nervous systems will be assessed.

Based on the evaluation findings, a manual therapy treatment will be completed. Your therapist will give you recommendations, appropriate exercises and home activities to improve your pain and quality of life.

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About Jodi Reyerson, DPT

Jodi has helped hundreds of patients from the Cedar Valley achieve freedom from chronic and acute symptoms, using traditional and alternative physical therapy techniques. The manual therapy techniques used help people of all ages, regardless of their condition.
Her full-body therapy approach promotes each person’s natural healing ability.

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